The word yoga means "perceiving the whole thing totally, as a unit, or the awareness, or the seeing the whole of existence as one unitive perception." Yoga is inward turning, a method to come to a non dreaming state of mind and encountering the reality as it is by way of experimenting with the inner self. The system of traditional Hatha yoga introduces a preparatory stage for physical purification that the body practices for meditation and higher inner experiences. It is based on asanas (postures) and pranayam (breathing practice). The asanas help us achieve health, steady posture and lightness of body. Whereas pranayam (controlling the vital energy through breathing practice) brings harmony, purity and peace along with other benefits. Yoga''s combined focus on physical movement, balance, both physical and mental, and awareness resulting from meditation brings manifold benefits.

Yoga classes with Rakesh DIMARI 
in Bertrange (classes in Ettelbruck will come soon)

Ma-Tue :   20h00 - 21h30

  Ve-Fr :   10h00 - 11h30

Ve-Fr :   12h15-13h45

Mermbership category B (as dance classes) 204€ per trim.


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